Integrating ifttt and Pingdom

Ifttt is an amazing service that allows carious web services and social network APIs to integrate really nicely.  For example, if I post a picture to instagram then post the same picture to flickr or if I change my Facebook avatar also update my Twitter avatar. These integrations take the form of recipes.

Ifttt sample recipe

Pretty cool stuff…

Pingdom is a freemium service for monitoring websites uptime and availability.   It’s a pretty basic service compared to Gomez or Keynote but is still useful for knowing when a web service is down or to get basic HTTP response time (no last mile here).

Pingdom offers various ways of alerting when your website or service is down, Email, SMS and Twitter being the main methods.  SMS is limited to the number of credits you have in your account and when they run out they run out.  That sort of sucks if SMS is what your on call engineer is expecting.

So let’s fix that with Ifttt.

I’m going to assume you have joined ifttt and have enabled the SMS and Gmail channels. Then add this recipe and you will get an SMS based on your Pingdom notification settings regardless of the number of credits you have with Pingdom.  No more reliance on credits in Pingdom.  Pretty neat.

Pingdom to SMS recipe

Ok, so SMS is OK but what about if just want to be aware of an issue for informational reasons?  Getting your Pingdom notifications via XMPP / Google Talk for example, that would be nice, especially if you don’t want to monitor email or SMS.  Ifttt lets us do this too, when we enable the Google Talk channel.  Here is the recipe:

Pingdom to Google Talk recipe

My final piece of Pingdom integration with ifttt is to have ifttt add an entry to a Google Calendar.

Pingdom to Google Calendar

Why would I do this?  Whilst Pingdom offers uptime reports, I find having outages in Google Calendar a convienent way to collate the data and also helps me loo for trends.

The recipe assumes that you have enabled the Google Calendar channel in ifttt.

Pingdom to Google Calendar


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